Token incentivization on Universal Rewards API


  1. Making it motivating enough for users
  2. Making it less resource-intensive
  3. Payouts must not be dependent on trading market
  4. Tied to the level of the user’s reputation
  5. Variable Inflation with Calculative decay
  6. Egalitarian for both users and developers
  7. Easily integrable
  8. Achievement based. For Stickiness.

Variables used:

  1. Xp : Reputation/ Experience – Total (Overall) experience points earned by users
  2. P : Penalty – Penalizing illicit behavior
  3. s|v : Score | Value
    – Xp rewarded based on achievements 
    – The point value of each achievement
  1. η : Network Strength – Total network strength of a game for asymptotic increase or decrease of the value
  2. d : Rewards Decay – Rewards decay to mitigate hyperinflation = d∈(-∞, 1]
  3. a : Xp points earned over per instance/achievements
  4. X𝑓 : Final Xp earned per game
  5. R𝑓: Final Rewards calculated
  6. Sl : Severity level for penalty slashing (n = n+1)
  7. Tp : Total Players in the network (not the game)
  8. Ap : Active Players per game

Limits Introduced per Development instance:

  1. A game can’t have >1000 points (s/v) as a whole. However, developers can purchase additional points for more incentivization.
  2. Minimum of five achievements instance for publishing at 200 points (s/v) each.